Project “Drinking Water”

Access to clean drinking water is a basic human rights. However, the reality is slightly more complex; while in Belgium we are enjoying an easy access to it, some part of the world remains deprived of such facilities. Thus, For youth Antwerp decided to address the problem and solicited its club Social Responsibility.

Few weeks ago, For Youth Antwerp started a fund raising campaign. Thus, several activities have been held by the committee in order to finance the project “drinking water”. A group of women organised a sales promotion while the guys launched the project “Cut your hair for a good cause”. [SEE PICTURES]

The fund raising campaign finished on the 23rd January with a breakfast and succeeded to collect 15.000€ to facilitate access for drinking water in Africa. The money will be used to build and maintain four different wells in African rural area ; lives of hundreds of people will be improved with this project!

The funds has been given to Mr. Said Tan, the manager of Time To Help. Mr Tan thanked For Youth and especially For Youth Antwerp for their dynamism and their precious help. We would like to thank our members for their investment and the successful way this project has been driven!