About us

For Youth is member of the Umbrella association Fedaction, we are a non-profit organization working in Belgium. Our goal is to achieve the social integration of youngsters (16 to 25years) in difficulties. Our project is to help them to be active and responsible members of the society by working on three aspects: personal development, social insertion and social responsibility.

Our goals:

  •  Personal development: we support and motivate them; we are helping them to acquire new skills which will give them more self-confidence; 
  • Social insertion: we are developing their sense of sharing, living together, cooperation and socialisation; 
  • Social responsibility: interest the youth to social projects, push them to be active members and to take initiative to improve the society. 

Our activities: 

  •  Social, cultural, and sporting activities such as movie nights, museum visits, and indoor soccer; 
  •  Weekly meetings and motivation sessions where several topics are cited as: intra-familial communication, drug use prevention, …; 
  • Info and training sessions on interesting topics and trends such as: the use of social media, entrepreneurship, computer usage, …; 
  •  Organizing creative workshops (painting, marbling, calligraphy, …) and useful leisure activities;
  •  Domestic and foreign trips for sharpening the general knowledge and team building;


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