“Youth speaking”: Round-tables

« Voice to the Youth» was dedicated to let youngsters talking ont news topic. Our goal is to provide them a pla ce and an opportunity where they say what is in their mind!

  • How does it work?
  • We select a topic, this year it was about violent extremism – et we ask them to group in small team. Each team will talk about the team regarding a specific aspect for exemple : media, politicy, security, religion, socials issues. A specialist will join each group to help the youth in their debates and to ensure the continuity of the debates. The specialists – academicians, politics, patricians, etc – will afterwards make a short report about what was discussed in their team.

    On Thursay 25th, we met in Bruxelles for our first session. We were pleased to welcome M. Lamghari and Mrs. Laffineur.

    Mister Lamghari has bee graduated Certificat universitaire en Sciences religieuses, Islam at Université catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve). After what he pursued his master in company management and had chosen the topic “the cultural diversity in company, the case of the Stib” . he has worked since in associations and think-thank promoting cultural diversity and multiculturalisme. He is also involved in several formations and panel discussions which are talking about the role of Islam, the adaptation of the religion and radicalism.

    Ms Laffineur is working as a research assistant at l’Institut pour la recherche interdisciplinaire en sciences juridiques. She has been graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations. Between 2012 and 2014, she worked on a project « Recherche BELSPO sur la radicalisation chez les jeunes et les médias sociaux (publication) en partenariat avec l’UGent » which from has been published : « Comprendre et expliquer le rôle des nouveaux médias sociaux dans la formation de l’extrémisme violent. Une recherche qualitative et quantitative ».

    At this occasion, the youngsters talked about different topics as the influence of media on violent extremism, the cover of violent extremism in the press, the link between religion and violent extremism, etc.