Youth Speaking!

Young people have a need for positive attention, opportunities, respect and dialogue. For Youth Gent organized a program with this in there mind.

Youth speaking!

Together with the young people we have chosen different themes. After which we have clustered the themes in five themes. Namely Policy, Public Safety, Religion, Media and Social problems. Each theme was chaired by a moderator with knowledge and experience. Young people gave their views, opinion and vision about that theme. During the second part of the program, the moderator gave a summary of the discussions at their table.

The program was held on Sunday, February 28 in Ghent.
The moderators where as following:
Elke Decruynaere / policy: Counciller of youth and education in Ghent
Bleri Lleshi / social problems: political philosopher and author
Hannes and Peter / security: radicalization officials of city gent
Bahattin Koçak / religion: Islam teacher
Ozkan Yilmaz / media : general coordinator of Fedactio

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