Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility/

For Youth is responsible for local, national and international social activities. The Social Responsibility club has been shaped in order to develop our social activities through our members’ involvement and initiatives. In this way, we hope to see them grow as active citizens

  • Donation food bank
  • We will make a donation to a local food bank. A food bank is a charity organisation which is collecting and redistributing food for impoverished people 

  • Cataract’s operation in Sudan
  • The Cataract is the world’s leading cause of blindness (48%, around 18millions of persons). No treatment have been found yet to prevent cataracts to appear, however the surgical treatment has proved its efficiency. In developing countries like Sudan, the surgery’s costs remain expansive and therefore restrain the access. The price of surgery is 80€, thanks to our funds-raising we want to significantly improve the situation